In-store sampling influences more shoppers than any other in-store strategy!

Utilizing demos to promote your products is the best way to stop the shopper at point of sale, educate, demonstrate the features up close, and explain the benefits of using the product. Let us make your product a success >

Value of Multi-Day Partnerships

Partnership demos are a great way to show members the value of your item while demonstrating the various uses of your product with supplemental items. Partnerships allow you to increase the number of times an item is demoed by splitting the cost with other suppliers, while maintaining the high quality of the demo itself. Read more >

The Effectiveness of In-Store GM Product Demonstrations

Grocery in-store demonstrations have the luxury of allowing the consumer to taste, smell, and touch the product before purchasing. General Merchandise in-store demonstrations require the delivery of more complex and technical product information.
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Demo Impact on New Item Launches

According to IRI, the failure rate for new products launched in the retail sector is 72 percent. Our methodology allows us to understand how product demonstrations not only impact day of sales for a new item, but also increase Speed to Shelf and produce a higher Rate of Sale in demonstration stores.
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