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Different Approach. Different Experience. Better Results.

Shopper-Events-Product-DemonstrationsShopper Events is taking in-store marketing to the next level! We are the nation’s leading planning, coordination and execution agency for in-store product sampling, product demonstrations, product launches, assisted selling and retailtainment events for Walmart and Sam’s Club.

What makes us Different?
We define success by aligning objectives and success measures in advance. Our goal is to increase brand and category sales and awareness of new items, plus convert shoppers and develop alternative usage occasions to garner repeat purchases.

Shopper Events is headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas and we are fully staffed to serve as the single point of contact for supplier and retailer initiated events. We can plan any scope or scale of event – from a simple in store demonstration, to an enhanced in store/club retailtainment event, to a complex parking lot event. Read more about our event solutions >

Shopper Events is co-managed by its investors Advantage Sales and Marketing, LLC and CROSSMARK, Inc. It is the responsibility of these two execution companies to train, staff, and execute the assigned events using their direct employees. This provides the supplier, the retailer and the shopper with the benefit of a motivated employee created by this competitive model while at the same time, providing one coordinated business process and communication flow to the supplier and retailer.

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